For Members

Advantages of becoming a member of «Fara Realty Club».

The creators of the Commercial Real-Estate Club took care of every detail to provide top class service with factual and useful information, for Your business prosperity. Acquiring membership in our club, You can enjoy the following privileges:

  • Publishing Your property on an actively advertised Internet portal.
    How can we help You partners find information about You?
    We follow the core principle -  the information  about Your business-complexes should be  easily accessible.  You reap the maximum effects of our advertising investments and Internet – promotion of «Fara Realty Club». We make it possible and simple for any of Your potential clients to learn all of the information on Your property, in the least amount of time.

  • Access to analytic reports of the market of a particular field
    • Overview of the residential and commercial market;
    • Constant monitoring of particular commercial market segments, analysis of the ad campaign, marketing and PR activity;
    • competition research;
    • regular monitoring of updates;
    • macro-economic investigation;
    • assembling and updating of data bases on property and/or other participants of the commercial real-estate market of a given region;
    • constructing a system for accumulating, processing and data analysis;
    • full outsourcing of all of the analytic functions;
    • analysis of the factual and potential capacity of a particular market segment in a sertain region.

  • Fara Realty Club» provides a full range of analytic information essential for a prosperous business in the field of real-estate market.

  • Complementary photo-session of the business-complex.
    Our specialists organize and perform professional photo-sessions of Your business-facility. Bright and colorful images of the key characteristics of Your business-center is essential for attracting  the clients and setting a high-status of Your property.

    Trusting us with the photography of any facility, You can be 100 per cent confident that it will be performed with high-profile professionalism, that we guarantee to suit Your preferences. We shall skillfully emphasize the individuality of Your business-center. In other words - we don’t just perform the photo-shoot, we capture concrete merits of Your property!

  • Professional literary description of the facility.
    Availing of this service You save great deal of time by not going to the trouble of composing the texts yourself – all  this will be done for You by our specialized copywriter. Cleverly constructed and information-filled description of Your business-center is without a doubt an important aspect to consider when attracting new clients. Leave that to us, and we guarantee a pleasant result. All You will have to do is approve of the completed text.

  • Qualified legal support
    Qualified legal advice from «Fara Realty Club» – is an important service, provided for solving all kinds of disputes. Should a legal issue arise; experienced professionals can confidently value the question at hand. Our company will provide You with attorneys specializing in all parts of the law, and assist You in finding the simplest solution out of any situation. Availing of this option You will receive instant support from our experts on matters of the law.

  • Monitoring the statistics of views and searches of Your property.
    In order to assess the current tendencies of Your business development, to forecast future results or to assume measures to improve Your business, You are welcome to avail of the statistics monitoring option. Another helpful tool to shape Your business to perfection.

  • Deferred search
    It so happens that sometimes when potential lessees search for an area, the space sought is occupied or is not found at all. In that case, the optional  service «deferred search» will postpone their request until such an area becomes available on the market. As soon as a suitable office becomes available in Your business-center, the potential clients who had requested such an office will be notified through SMS or e-mail.

  • Adverts on major pages of the site with logo, contact number and direct link to the page of the facility.
    This option will allow You to publish information about yourself and substantially increase client’s interest towards Your business-center. Advertising Your property on the major pages of our site is, of course, a smart move towards a quicker way of finding clients to buy or lease Your property.

  • You can expect full support from «the Club» in dealing with any kind of matters.
    Should any problem arise, You are always welcome to contact our support-team. Our team of specialists will do everything in their power to assist You every step of the way, and find a solution in the quickest time possible.
  • Publishing direct contacts of the owners of the business-center.
  • Personally update information on vacant  spaces.
  • Direct contact with the potential clients.
  • Notifying potential clients about vacancies via SMS and e-mail.
  • Publishing of news and events.
  • Conducting joint events.
  • Useful acquaintances and contacts.